De Securitate et Defensione, O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności
Eriks Trels
Liability for Acquittal of Genocide, Crime Against Humanity, Crime Against Peace and War Crime in the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia
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Joanna Zych
The Role of Nuclear Weapons in the Israeli Military Deterrence Strategy
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Krzysztof Załęski
Nuclear Weapons in the Security Policy of Selected Countries
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Malina Kaszuba
The Militarization of Russian foreign and security policy and its possible impact on global security
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Inna Stecenko, Andrei Alekseev
The influence of the industrial policy of Latvia on the country’s economy
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Beata Gałek
NATO as a Target of Activity in the Information Environment of the Baltic States
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Agata Krzywdzińska
The Image of Poland in Russian Television
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Elżbieta Kurzępa
Safety Management of National and Ethnic Minorities in Poland – Efficiency Assessment
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Paula Tomaszewska
China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Risk of Indebtedness among Its Beneficiaries
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Andrejs Vilks, Aldona Kipāne
The Corruption as an Obstacle in the Fight Against Drugs
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Paweł Gromek
The Prolegomena to Research of the Rescue Culture in Poland
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Radosław Bielawski
Safety of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems in a Harsh Interference Environment
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Czesław Marcinkowski
Recenzja monografii Aleksandra B. Szirokorada, Bitwa o Syrię. Od Babilonu do ISIS, Moskwa 2016
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