Practice and problems of teaching bilingual audience


  • Nadehzda Novozhilova Baltic International Academy, College of Accountancy and Finance

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teaching, practice, billingual, audience


The article raises a problem of learning practice in teaching traditional disciplines on the example of the insurance learning by the bilingual audience in the higher school. The problems exist depending on the type of audience: а) audience which is bilingual by the composition of a group for the whole learning period; b) audience which is bilingual for learning a specific discipline only. The article also presents a problem of preparing the visual information. During the preparation of the study information and creating the presentations it is necessary to take into account that the modern student audience has a wide operational
computer experience and it has a specific “comic” perception of information. The bilingual audience learning requires the use of the presentation of the visual information approximated at maximum to the forms preferred by the student audience and the content of a material should not be changed. For the learning process management the system of the bilingual lecture material, presentations and additional single-language material preparing for each language audience has been developed. The author analyses the practical experience, problems and mistakes.


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Novozhiilova, N. (2018). Practice and problems of teaching bilingual audience. De Securitate Et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie I Obronności, 4(1), 60–69. Pobrano z