Дискурс как вербальное произведение. Политический дискурс


  • Василий Сенкевич

Słowa kluczowe:

political discourse, form, content, verbality, work of art


Understanding of discourse as a derivative word allows the interpretation of its concept on the basis of the categories “form” and “content”. Verbality being a principal feature of any discourse, contradicts nominative speech actually produced, and text as its main product. Ethical aspect of speech is opposed to discursive logos and pathos. “Word” and “action” antithesis is a basic one in the studies of semantics and the forms of functioning of the language from the one hand, and research of the reality of speech in connection with the problem of reference and sense, from the other hand. Being a main form of representing social relations and public consciousness, as well as means of communication, discourse cannot but be of a political nature. Historicity as a fundamental feature of discourse is clearly viewed through the examples of historical works of art.


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Сенкевич, В. (2021). Дискурс как вербальное произведение. Политический дискурс. Conversatoria Litteraria, 8(VIII), 247–266. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.uph.edu.pl/conversatorialitteraria/article/view/2694

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