• Надежда Колошук

Słowa kluczowe:

camp poetry, sacral function, an anthology «Poetry of GULAG prisoners», revival of the soul, resistance totalitarianism, verbal oral form of communication


A «camp poetry» term in present Russian internet space is used more frequent in a value «protection song», «chanson on a protection theme». A camp creativity is pushed to the periphery of literary process. Actuality of this research is conditioned which community and cultural sense of GULAG poetry. A research novelty is determined by the choice of material and methods of his analysis, by outgoing from him conclusions about the features of gulag lyric poetry. We use determination a «camp poetry» foremost in direct sense: it was created in camps by the prisoners of camps, which being an inalienable element and reflection of camp reality, experiencing of its existential experience. This lyric poetry is unique as the literary phenomenon, because it testifies to extreme spiritual experience.


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Колошук, Н. (2019). ЛАГЕРНЫЕ СТИХИ КАК СВИДЕТЕЛЬСТВО. Conversatoria Litteraria, 10(-), 315–330. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.uph.edu.pl/conversatorialitteraria/article/view/1029

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