Demaskuok - The Lithuanian System to Counter Disinformation




disinformation, fake news, elves, trolls, Demaskuok, propaganda, social network, Lithuania, Russia


This article presents Demaskuok as a practical tool to combat the so-called “fake news”, that is, preventing the circulation of false news that misleads recipients. Fake news, also referred to as disinformation, is aimed at evoking an emotional reaction, thus creating or strengthening the existing prejudices against a person, group, in order to obtain specific and intended benefits. As history shows, many fake news were created that had an impact on their audience. The greatest field for the creators of disinformation is the Internet. Despite the fact that disinformation is ubiquitous today, this article presents a reliable ‘weapon’ to fight fake news. The leader in this field is Lithuania, which has discovered effective tools in the fight against propaganda and disinformation, the creator of which is Russia. The article analyzes the activities of Russian trolls spamming social networks, and at the same time highlights the role
of the so-called elves, whose task is to fight Kremlin disinformation and propaganda. It was also emphasized that the basic method of combating Russian disinformation is active and responsible social action by citizens. Lithuanian elves fighting the activities of Russian trolls become, in a way, guardians of citizenship, culture, history and those values that strengthen Lithuanian citizens' resistance to information threats.


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