Edukacja jako jeden z gwarantów bezpieczeństwa w Polsce


  • Marta Łukawska Uniwersytet Gdański

Słowa kluczowe:

education, security, value, strategy


Education and training is a very important element of defense. Strength of the state and its security according to Joseph Nye’s theory is based on two segments, so-called “hard power” and “soft power”. Both components make up the “smart power”. Analyzing the issue of national security we should, therefore, consider not only the economic potential and geographical factors but also factors that are part of the soft power strategy. This article attempts to define the term of security and the way to ensure it through education. The issues with the current situation in terms of ensuring security in Europe are also raised. The article shows that in the modern world the concept of security and means to provide it must be redefined.


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Łukawska, M. (2016). Edukacja jako jeden z gwarantów bezpieczeństwa w Polsce. De Securitate Et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie I Obronności, 2(2). Pobrano z