Patriotism in the face of modern threats


  • Olgierd Kos Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach
  • Hanna Sienkiewicz-Kaya Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach
  • Sylwia Zakrzewska Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach

Słowa kluczowe:

patriotism, defense, patriotic-defense values, patriotic attitudes, threats


Patriotism as a socio-political attitude having its expression in love of the homeland and the nation, inextricably linked with the willingness to make sacrifices for the common good, repeatedly evolved over the centuries, while at the same time often distorted and deformed for the need of existing ideology. Currently, there is a crisis of patriotic-defense values as well as a kind of collapse of patriotic attitudes of Poles. The cause of the state of affairs is the largely advancing globalization processes that make human the citizen of the world and giving almost unlimited possibilities in the socio-political system. In the face of the recent worsening diffusion of cultures, a sense of their own identity, culture and patriotic awareness becomes crucial, allowing for nurturing the values fundamental to our nation and its secure survival.


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Kos, O., Sienkiewicz-Kaya, H., & Zakrzewska, S. (2016). Patriotism in the face of modern threats. De Securitate Et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie I Obronności, 2(1). Pobrano z