Migrantenkinder auf den Spuren ihrer Väter in literarischer Darstellung




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father, son, daughter, images, tradition, innovators, interculutral literature


The article aims at the analysis of one of the fundamental phenomena of modern societies, namely the comparison between father and son, or differences between tradition and ideas of innovators, presented in the so-called intercultural literature. The starting point is the theorem of a fatherless society and various father images, which is deliver not only in the literary performances. In the article the author also analyses the prose of selected German language works by the female authors of Turkish origin, e.g. Saliha Scheinhardt, Serap Çileli, Alev Tekinay and Aysel Özakin. The analysis focuses on the following questions: which father images are presented in this literature, what role the father figures play in it, how they are pictured, and whether the conflict between father and son or father and daughter is of importance in such narratives.


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2022-10-10 — zaktualizowane 2023-02-23


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Warakomska, A. (2023). Migrantenkinder auf den Spuren ihrer Väter in literarischer Darstellung. Conversatoria Litteraria, 16(XVI). https://doi.org/10.34739/clit.2022.16.09 (Original work published 10 październik 2022)

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