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health security
health policy
economic development
sustainable development


Assuming that social health status affects the level of human capital, the priority of every modern state should be to ensure that its citizens are provided with adequate health condi-tions, and thus a sense of health safety. Consequently, state activities aimed at managing safety in the field of health policy should translate into both productivity and working efficiency of society, which in turn should stimulate the economic development of the country. This paper attempts to present selected health safety measures to improve the health of the population with the example of the activities of the EU and public institutions in selected voivodeships imple-menting the principles of sustainable development and long-term investment in society. In this paper, an analysis of documents relating to direct actions with regard to this issue has been used as a research method. The conducted research shows that the cooperation of EU Member States creates a platform for cooperation on combating health inequalities and basic social determinants of health, the aim of which is to improve the health and quality of life of EU citizens, which in turn should translate into accelerating economic development.

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