Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach
Okładka czasopisma De Securitate et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności
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decision-makers moral competence
human security
police bridging capital
police partner culture


: The study considers the assumptions for the cultural transformation of the Polish Police for the benefit of further socialization of its activities. The point of reference in this study was the assumptions of a partnership police culture preferred in Western culture and based mainly on moral rules. The description of the police partnership culture was also made in relation to the classic police culture. On the basis of the presented empirical research, the gap in moral competences of the assessed decision-makers was described in a variant version, which occurs between the identified level of development of moral competences and the one postulated by the assumptions of the police partnership culture, in the structure of the entire research sample and taking into account its division

into decision-makers from local and higher-level units command. The results of the research showed, socially unacceptable in the sphere of human safety, discrepancies between the identified and postulated state in the context of the requirements of a police partnership culture, as well as a higher level of development of moral competences of decision-makers from local Police units in relation to decision-makers from provincial Police headquarters and the Police Headquarters.

Plik PDF (Język Polski)