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crisis management
protection of population
public administration


In the article, the author discusses the issues of organization and functioning of broadly understood civil protection in Poland, implemented by various elements of the national security system (subsystems) established for this purpose. These system solutions are to serve the safety of the population through the activities of preparing and conducting such protection. The article distinguishes crisis management activities and indicates the dependencies and common tasks of crisis management, rescue, defense and people protection. Using theoretical research methods, such as: analysis, synthesis, comparison and inference, it was found that the structure of these systems has significant convergence of implemented (planning) projects and tasks. Identical elements are primarily actors performing this protection, and their broad coercive powers. In addition, it should be noted that rescue operations are carried out for all systems, irrespective of the state of functioning of the state. Therefore, the implemented crisis management solutions use the executive potential of other subsystems.
Plik PDF (Język Polski)