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The article undertakes an analysis of the potential of using blockchain technology to strengthen the security of the state, which is guaranteed by a strong and efficient army. As part of his own studies, the author first characterizes the solutions that were first implemented in 2008 with the creation of Bitcoin. Blockchain technology, described as the most important achievement of humanity since the creation of the internet. It is increasingly used in areas such as payment management, digitization, and contract storage, or in the private sector, where data security plays a key role. Available reports and studies indicate that the United States, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China are intensively working on the implementation of technology in the functioning of their armies. In turn, countries such as South Korea or India began pilot programs in 2019, which will eventually lead to the implementation of blockchain technology in their armies. Hence, the question arises, what military application blockchain technology has or may have in the foreseeable future, and how its use by armies can contribute to improving the security of the state? In the study presented, the following three areas of potential application have been distinguished: security in cyberspace, supply chain management, and more effective and reliable communication.

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