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national identity
military classes
national security


Shaping patriotism and national identity is crucial precondition for the survival of the nation. Sport helps to build and reinforce patriotism, binds national identity and strengthens values such as solidarity and tolerance. The main purpose of this article is to analyze the values of patriotism, national identity, tolerance, and sports patriotism, which is an important binder of national identity. The study was carried out using a diagnostic survey method. The analysis of the findings indicates a very strong sense of patriotism, national identity and sports patriotism among the respondents (N = 508). The patriotic scale significantly influenced the results of the scale of national identity and sport patriotism, but did not differentiate the attitude of tolerance. The scale of tolerance significantly correlated with the scale of patriotism, sports patriotism and national identity. As indicated by the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland, preservation and reinforcement of national identity is an important task of the state. These goals can be achieved by cultivating national culture, protecting cultural heritage, activating social capital and strengthening patriotic attitudes.
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