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Armed Conflict
Potential Adversaries


The following article is devoted to identification of key aspects concerning future wars and armed conflicts, and to systematisation of the existing knowledge on this extremally interesting topic. The conducted analysis is based upon an assumption that it is necessary to, at least generally, outline prognoses of most probable types of wars and conflicts, and not just the single one and universal vision of the war and armed conflict. Use of the plural here is therefore fully justified, since elaboration of the single vision would be too much simplified an attempt that could negatively influence, not only the development of the theory of war and conflicts, but also their practice. A solution, thereby, to this problem required answering the following question: what will the future wars look like in relation to prognosed geopolitical conditions, development of the military technology, information warfare and the law?
While realising this study, theoretical research methods were employed, such as: synthesis, analysis, generalisation and comparison. However, due to the characteristics of the research field, a qualitative method, the scenario-based approach was crucial in realising the following study.

Plik PDF (Język Polski)