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George Sand
A. de Musset
confessional strategy
gender peculiarity


The article deals with the peculiar features of the confessional strategy in the novels La Confession d'un enfant du siècle (1836) by Alfred de Musset and La Confession d’une jeune fille (1864) by George Sand. The author analyses correlation between the universal and the gender marked principles in the authors’ style of the presentation of events. There have been revealed similarities at the level of the plot model (the story of a young man/woman growing up), the narrative organization (confession), the motives’ structure (orphanhood, self-identification, “sentimental education”), which have been determined by the influence of the genre tradition and the authors’ Romantic worldview. At the same time, the differences in the composition, the criteria for the selection of material, the degree of frankness and self-esteem show the dependence of the confessional text on gender.

PDF (Русский)