Problém „mužského“ jazyka (na príklade básní Migleny Nikolčinej a Ireny Ivanovej)



Słowa kluczowe:

male language, gender, a right to have a voice, word, quotation


The paper is devoted to the problem of the „male“ language which can be found in the works of two Bulgarian poets – Miglena Nikolchina and Irena Ivanova (better known by her pseudonym Rene Karabaš). The author associates them with the change that happens in literary criticism and the literary production itself after the 1990s. The author considers the synthesis of poetry and prose, poetry and theory as an intertextual „dialogue” through which is possible to analyze the texts of both poets. Thematically, the article focuses on the ways in which the woman gains „a right to have a voice“ rejecting her gender to take up the poet’s word and on how man appears to be a „quotation” in their works.


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Dimova, I. (2021). Problém „mužského“ jazyka (na príklade básní Migleny Nikolčinej a Ireny Ivanovej). Conversatoria Litteraria, 15(XV).