Aspekty funkcjonowania administracji publicznej


  • Andrzej Warmiński


The article is devoted to aspects of the functioning of public administration. Due to the nature and the properties of its functioning, the administration has many characteristics (acts on behalf and for the account of the State, it is of political nature, it works in the public interest, etc.). In addition to the fact that the administration has those characteristics, it also has to meet the specific functions such as controlling, performance of public duties, and management of organizations’ resources. Therefore, the activities of administration fulfill four important from the perspective of citizens' spheres of activity: asset managment, social services, regulation services and the development managment. The condition for efficient administration are the considerations which include: appropriate organizational structures, staff, maintaining the appropriate relationship between people, appropriately structured work process and technical equipment and information. It should be stressed that all activities are compliant with the European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the documents constituting a kind of moral statement in the administrative field and an integral part of public administration in the European Union.


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Warmiński, A. (2019). Aspekty funkcjonowania administracji publicznej. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 259–273. Pobrano z