Przypadek Wikileaks i dyplomacja a wybrane zagadnienia bezpieczeństwa państwa


  • Andrzej Turek


Diplomacy is an element of national security system and important part of international state activity to ensure political and military security. Secrecy in diplomacy is a basicfactor to get success in an international environment and around state boundaries. Wikileaks case shows how much important is a credibility in diplomatic contacts, how much important is to have confidence in relations between diplomats, politicians, governments and their mutual policy. Lack of confidence, secrecy and negligence in protecting state confidential information can influence state security. National interests can be in dangerous if similar case like Wikileaks flow of confidential information can happen. Leak of diplomatic information makes impossible effective negotiations, can create enemies if we violate status quo and endanger relations with other countries, which are not so friendly to us. Some of the examples how dangerous leak of information is for state security are described in this article.


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Turek, A. (2019). Przypadek Wikileaks i dyplomacja a wybrane zagadnienia bezpieczeństwa państwa. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 245–257. Pobrano z