Polsko-izraelska współpraca kulturalna


  • Artur Trautman


The history of the cultural Polish-Jewish relations dates back over thousand years. Poland was home for the biggest Jewish community in the world. It was centre of Jewish culture because of significant period of social autonomy and religious tolerance. This situation changed after Partitions of Poland. The most terrible period for Jewish community in Poland was II World War, when Hitler completely destroyed this part of society. After 1989 – fall of comunism – we can observe revival of Jewish cultural life. Every year, Polish and Israeli politicians meet and talk about issues and new ideas. They give money for example for study programmes in universities and high schools and jointly organise anniverseries of tragic dates. There are lot of cultural festivals, with the biggest and most famous in the wolrd Festival in Kraków, organising since 1988. In 2007, in new Museum of History of Polish Jews was put cornersotne. This place wil be feature multimedia exhibits on vibrant Jewish community that flourished in Poland for a thousand years.


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Trautman, A. (2019). Polsko-izraelska współpraca kulturalna. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 223–229. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.uph.edu.pl/doctrina/article/view/1401