Geneza i założenia programu Partnerstwo Wschodnie


  • Jerzy Stańczyk


The Eastern Partnership is the latest and so far the most ambitious initiative directed by the European Union to its Eastern neighbors. By approximation between the political and socio-economic systems, it aims to strengthening cooperation and thereby consolidating peaceful relations in the region. It is the idea of Poland to entangle the European Union to take more responsibility for the stability of its eastern borders. The author presents in this article the genesis and the assumptions of this program. He argues that, because of the large variation of countries participating in this project and the differences of interests within the Union, the future of this project is so far difficult to predict. In his opinion, an important reflection of the scale of support for this initiative will certainly increase in financial funding, without which this program will remain only a dead idea. Finally, the future of this program will determine by the interests of the recipients and internal compatibility of position within the European Union.


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Stańczyk, J. (2019). Geneza i założenia programu Partnerstwo Wschodnie. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 191–202. Pobrano z

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