Napięcia i niepokoje w edukacji dla bezpieczeństwa


  • Andrzej Pieczywok


Subject matter of the article enrolls in the process wide for the safety directly to the understood education. The analysis of basic threats influencing the quality of the education is his aim. The author seeks relationships and dependence among the significative area of the safety and his threats. The row of factors making impossible creating the safe environment represents on this background. The safety makes up here important value of life and the man work. And the process of active and creative adapting oneself to understood wide life situation, behaviours and workings in the social environment.


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Pieczywok, A. (2019). Napięcia i niepokoje w edukacji dla bezpieczeństwa. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 157–165. Pobrano z