Zagrożenia i wyzwania transgranicznego bezpieczeństwa współczesnego świata


  • Czesław Marcinkowski


The study refers to the selected problems of the European transborder security in the 21st century including coherence aspects of challenges and threats. A new dimension of the term „international security” in the beginning of the 21st century – concerning terrorist attacks and anti-terrorist operations – is the basic thesis for analysis. The author considers the core of global and transborder challenges of security in the European and circumeuropean geographical background. The chapter dedicated to new global and transborder challenges is the essence of this publication. The author justifies the thesis about the increasing importance of Domain Security System on the basis of economic, social and environmental events and also civilian factors shaping the European security of the 21st century. The main areas of Domain Security System are characterized in the analysis and given as coherent. The general conclusion that results from the study is that the geopolitical balance of Europe and our World can be destabilized through a number of evolving events, mainly in the economic and social area. To determine the time and place of such destabilization, the balance and rivalry level of separate elements is crucial.


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Marcinkowski, C. (2019). Zagrożenia i wyzwania transgranicznego bezpieczeństwa współczesnego świata. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 8(8), 135–142. Pobrano z