Zasady użycia sił zbrojnych w operacjach pokojowych


  • Paweł Żarkowski

Słowa kluczowe:

warfare, conflict, peacekeeping operation, armed forces, security


The aim of article is describe the issues of uses an armed forces in peacekeeping operations and their influence on global security. Need to respond rapidly to security risks and difficulties in resolving disputes and conflicts through diplomacy have made it increasingly important nowadays peacekeeping missions. The decision to use the armed forces during these operations is usually difficult, lengthy and involves many considerations. Moreover, military operations are subject to political control and close supervision by the public. Modern peacekeeping operations are characterized by complex and multi–faceted action. These include military action, political, economic, social and cultural. The primary objectives of these missions should be civilian–military cooperation, close coordination at international level and at the national level. The main aim of the involvement of armed forces in peacekeeping operations has become primarily to reduce the wars and conflicts of the modern world. In retrospect participation of soldiers in peacekeeping operations is an important element in ensuring security in current international environment.


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Żarkowski, P. (2019). Zasady użycia sił zbrojnych w operacjach pokojowych. Doctrina. Studia społeczno-Polityczne, 12(12), 183–204. Pobrano z