Selected Determinants of Threats Resulting from the Implementation of the IOT/IOE Concept




information, information security, threats, security, Internet, risk, risk analysis


Access to the global Internet network has now become so common that it begins to control typical devices and very complex technological processes. This phenomenon is now referred to as the Internet of Things/Internet of Everything. Undoubtedly, the possibility of using this modern tool gives unlimited development opportunities, but it also poses many threats that can lead to catastrophic phenomena. The article discusses the risk assessment of threats and presents a practical methodology for risk analysis and estimation. The main purpose of the study is to identify selected aspects and changes that affect the threats to the transmitted information and the significant role of the user in the IoT/IoE information security system. According to the principle of information security management, the answers to the following questions should be included: 1) What is digital (information) security?; 2) What is digital (information) security management?; 3) What are the key challenges faced by information security management in the IOT/IOE ecosystem?; 4) Are these solutions secure enough to be implemented in information delivery systems? Verification of the given reason and providing answers to additional questions required a critical analysis of selected items of the subject category. the results of many years of the author's research on this issue were also made conditional.


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2023-03-03 — Updated on 2023-03-20


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