Basic Calculations Used in the Command and Control of Army Aviation




army aviation, combat capabilities of helicopters, indicators of combat capabilities, planning calculations for the use of helicopters


The aim of the article is to present the basic calculations used in the process of command and control of army aviation through the prism of indicators of the combat capabilities of helicopters based on which they are planned to be used in a high-intensity conflict. Data collection methods included interviewing and observation and comparative literature and document analysis method were used in the research process. These methods allowed to determine the indicators of the spatial, time and combat effectiveness of helicopters, which are used in the army aviation command and control process, and many factors, such as the tactical and technical properties of helicopters and equipment securing their operation, personnel training, tactics, weather conditions, morale of soldiers, which significantly affects the combat capabilities of the army aviation on the battlefield. Solutions in the army aviation tactics were presented, for example the organization of forward arming and refueling points for helicopters and in the equipment of army aviation allowing for faster restoration of the combat capability of aircrafts, more effective reconnaissance of the battlefield and hitting targets.


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2023-03-03 — Updated on 2023-03-20


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