Current Challenges in the European Youth Policy


  • Ruxandra-Andreea Țuțuianu Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration Managing Authority of Romania-Serbia, Romania



European Union, youth, COVID-19, challenges


This article aims to focus on the current challenges of the European Youth policy, relying on data from the two most recent European Youth Strategies: The European Union Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and the Council of Europe Youth Sector Strategy 2030. Both strategies, which build on earlier initiatives and are intended to serve different priorities and purposes, emphasize the needs and issues facing young people. The article focuses on whether these policies
are efficient enough to support young people to achieve their rights. Considering the youth’s current challenges, the analysis reveals what can be done and who can help achieve a coherent framework which can be integrated with national policies? Furthermore, it is important to
acknowledge the significant repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, which has affected every sector of a society, including the young generation sector, especially in the following areas: technological, social, civic, political, and personal. For a multitude of reasons, it is time for the European
Union to raise awareness about the implications of the pandemic, to review the priorities for the future, and to focus on the new challenges that arise, based on the developments over the last 24 months. The European Union must focus on implementing the bottom-up approach and participatory vision when it comes to addressing the needs and issues of youth and their situation in the future of Europe. It is crucial for the sustainable development of the European Union that youth
receive long-term solutions and comprehensive strategies, where young people are the main subject
of European policies and an active part of the decision-making processes, at all levels.


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2022-07-31 — Updated on 2022-07-31


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