The Impact of the Global Pandemic on MENA Countries’ Stability




Arab Spting, Arab awakening, Second Arab Spring, Middle East uprising, MENA, global pandemic, COVID-19


The article aims to analyse the situation in the MENA and neighbouring countries one decade after the so-called Arab Spring. The purpose of this study also is to analyze the
importance of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hampered the development of protests in the region by providing governments with a wide range of tools for public restraint and control. These measures effectively and in a relatively short period of time have significantly reduced
public and opposition activities, hampering the momentum that could lead to a ‘second Arab Spring’. The study uses a qualitative method – a document analysis approach – to synthesize information from various sources to ensure the validity of the information obtained.


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Mariusz Rzeszutko





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Rzeszutko, M. (2022). The Impact of the Global Pandemic on MENA Countries’ Stability. De Securitate Et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie I Obronności, 8(1), 64–82.