The COVID-19 Pandemic As a Challenge for Public Organizations. Action Evaluation – Case Study




public administration residents satisfaction, efficiency of administration, problems of functioning , awareness of residents


The purpose of this article is to determine if and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the functioning of public administration. The article presents changes commonly introduced in public administration and assesses their effectiveness from the point of view of people served by public institutions. The level of satisfaction of clients using public administration services during the COVID-19 pandemic was established, and the problems they
encountered when dealing with administrative matters were indicated. It was assumed that the restrictions on direct interpersonal contacts introduced during the coronavirus pandemic negatively
affected the procedure of cases in public administration and the dissatisfaction of customers.
To confront challenges faced by managers in public administration and the effects of
management in the era of a pandemic the results of research conducted by students at the College
of Physical Culture and Tourism with 800 inhabitants of the Pruszków district as part of the diploma project were used. Stakeholders have a neutral attitude to the functioning of public administration and recognize that the efficiency of the administration is determined by its ability to provide high-quality services, friendly attitude to the applicant and the use of procedures that are transparent and understandable to residents. The most serious problems faced by public administration during the pandemic include the lack of clear rules of accountability and the politicization of the administration as well as organizational changes that strengthen the ruling powers of the administration. Criticism directed at public administration concerns, first of all, efficient and quick service of people.


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