The Evolution of Sino-Australian Relations in 2013-2018




Australia, People's Republic of China, Sino-Australian relations, Xi Jingping


In the early days of Xi Jinping's rule, Sino-Australian cooperation was successful and benefiting both sides. Establishing a “strategic partnership” and the conclusion of a free trade agreement made it possible to deepen the relationship. In addition to developing economic relations, states actively collaborated on the social and cultural levels. China's growing power has brought new challenges. The increase in spending on armaments and the modernization of the army contributed to the increased military presence of the PRC in the region and the exacerbation of disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, raising tensions in the region. The growing influence of the People's Republic of China in Australia has caused concern for the government, which has started to limit it. Beijing has been critical of Australian law to reduce foreign interference. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Sino-Australian relations in 2013-2018.


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