Elements of the Concept of National Security Management





national strategy, security strategy, national security system, national security management


The aim of the article was to identify the subject areas related to the management of the proposals of some elements and to propose the concept of managing Poland's national security for the purposes of developing the act on national security management announced in the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland-2020. The main research problem was the question: What key elements and solutions should be included in the concept of national security management for the

purpose of developing a draft act on national security management? The following hypothesis was adopted: The national security system should form a coherent, in terms of organization and functionality, system of interrelated management and executive bodies. Unfortunately, the existing national security system of the Republic of Poland does not fully meet the above requirements, which has already been signaled many times, for example during successive strategic national security reviews and strategic defense reviews. Moreover, the concept of national security management should, in particular, specify the answers to the following questions: 1) What is contemporary national security? 2) What is national security management? 3) What are the key challenges facing national security management? 4) What is the role of policy and strategy in national security management? 5) What should be the architecture of the national security management system during the war. The verification of the above hypothesis and answering the above questions required a critical analysis of legal acts, strategic documents and selected items of literature on the subject. The results of the author's many years of research in this area were also taken into account.


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