Možnosti a limity vyučovania súčasnej poézie na slovenských gymnáziách


  • Zuzana Cepková Feješová Univerzita Mateja Bela (Banská Bystrica)

Słowa kluczowe:

teaching of literature, contemporary poetry, interpretation, National Program of Education


The paper focuses on the connection between reading and interpretation crisis and the way of teaching literature at Slovak schools. It concentrates on the Slovak Gymnasiums and aims at pointing out the opportunities for improvement of the obligatory pedagogical documentation at the schools. In addition, it puts empha-sis on the importance of evaluating and interpreting texts which, actually, are frequently neglected because of an inadequate and outdated stress put at memo-rizing and reproduction of encyclopedic information. Consequently, from this broader perspective, it deals with the issue of teaching contemporary Slovak poetry at Gymnasiums and analyzes the possibilities and advantages of its presenta-tion to the students.


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Jak cytować

Cepková Feješová, Z. . (2018). Možnosti a limity vyučovania súčasnej poézie na slovenských gymnáziách. Conversatoria Litteraria, (12), 57–66. Pobrano z

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