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The professional realization of healthcare professionals in dealing with children and adults with special needs requires them to have the knowledge, skills, and necessary professional competencies to identify, perform, and evaluate the activities related to the care of the disabled person. Their activity is focused on the health problem that leads the person with special needs to hospitalization in the medical establishment, which does not exclude satisfying his vital needs. Applying their knowledge and competencies, they collect the information they need for the disabled patient. The processed and specified information is implemented through appropriate interventions and subsequently the results obtained are evaluated. Health care requires logic, systematic to solve a particular health problem of the sick person, and they are an intellectual process [Zheleva 2004]]. The expected results of the professional realization of health care professionals in working with children and adults with special needs can be presented as the application of: learning scientific information on the problems of theoretical and practical aspects of health care nee-ded for children and adults with disabilities; forming knowledge, skills, and compe-tencies in the field of health care for the needy person.

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