Archiwum zakładowe Telewizji Polskiej Oddział w Lublinie


  • Marta Basak

Słowa kluczowe:

Archive, Polish Television, Lublin


The following work regards the company archives of TVP3 Lublin. To begin with, the rules
and instructions applicable within the archives have been described. Next, the following rooms have been presented: the office rooms and the company archives warehouse, where the paper, electronic
and audiovisual documentation is stored. The physical conditions in the storage rooms and the monitoring tools have been presented. The organizational structure of the company archives and the tasks handled by the employees have been described. The activities handled within the archives have been divided into internal tasks carried out within the organizational unit and external tasks performed for the organizational units, regional and central branches. The following rules have been discussed: taking over documentation in paper, magnetic storage and digital form, the accompanying procedures. The ordering and archiving of the documentation have been described. The tools assisting these processes, in particular the electronic database, its construction, the possibilities of its application for archiving and sharing, have been presented. The inventory process, the non-archival documentation disposal and forwarding it to the TVP head office and to the National Archives, have been presented. The final part of the following work describes the external tasks of the company archives: the copying and digitization of the analog materials.


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