Comenius' man in the context of internal and external freedom towards physical, intellectual and emotional spheres
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man, person, freedom, values, love, emotions, science, assertions, object of research, research methods


Is comeniology a science? This question becomes the guiding thought of my contem-plations. I conduct the analysis of John A. Comenius's concept according to the selected scientific criteria: logical order, levels of theory, explanatory power, heuristic power, degree of persuasion and degree of justification, power of prediction, language and methods. I accept the image of a man as a triad involving spirit (immortal part connected with the spiritual world), soul (rational part considering the free will given by the Creator) and body (animal part and the part of the soul capable of perceiving sensory stimuli). In my article I am searching for a proper in-terpretation of Comenius' concept of a free man that was based on observation and experience.

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