Od Jana Amosa Komeńskiego do Jeana Frédérica Oberlina – od idei do praxis


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John Amos Comenius, Informatorium scholae maternae, Poêles à tricoter, pre-school education, kindergarten, John Frederic Oberlin


Resulting from his reflections on education and shaped by the idea of pansophism, the phenomenon of Comenius' pedagogical thought for centuries not only had an impact on the development of the subsequent philosophical trends forming the (perennial) educational exemplar but also it indicated the direction of the essential educational reforms. One of the inheri-tors of Comenius' pedagogical visionary was the author of Poêles à tricoter - John Frederic Oberlin. In his archetype of kindergarten, a reflection of Comenius' idea related to the early education can be found, which was included in Informatorium scholae maternae ('On early education'), which Oberlin puts into a language of pedagogical praxis. Comenius' ideas of religious-ethical education, child’s multisided development and education leading to child's readiness to be a pupil were given not only an application character but also an institutional form by Oberlin. Initiated by Oberlin in Ban de la Roche in 1769 on the pages of Poêles à tricoter and referring directly to Comenius' reflections, the educational solutions commenced the new era in the history of education.


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Kamińska, K. . (2021). Od Jana Amosa Komeńskiego do Jeana Frédérica Oberlina – od idei do praxis. Siedleckie Zeszyty Komeniologiczne Seria Pedagogika, 8(8), 85–113. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.uph.edu.pl/szk/article/view/2709