Prawa człowieka w Biblii



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History, Human Rights, Bible


Religious truths are intertwined with certain historic events, expressed on these occasions or through these events. Also, all laws, rights, customs and institutions described in the Bible bear the mark of the epoch, in which they functioned or were created, but they were gradually improved and acquired theologically appropriate meanings as the Revelation developed. The paper is devoted to the problem of human rights in the Bible, which is analyzed considering the following aspects. First, the author presents a synthetic analysis of human rights contained in different national and international documents on human rights such as “Human rights conventions” and “Declarations of human rights”.   (1) Then, the author presents theological interpretation of human rights contained in the Book of Genesis in the descriptions of the creation of man, which constitute the foundation of rights of man described in other books of the Bible. (2) Finally, rights of man in other selected books of the Bible are analyzed. (3) The author is of the opinion that the review and the analysis of human rights contained in different documents such as “Human rights conventions” and in the Bible will allow to perceive and recognize the specifi city and uniqueness of rights of man in the Bible.


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KRAWCZYK, R. . (2012). Prawa człowieka w Biblii. Historia I Świat, 1, 149–162.