Handel na Południowym Podlasiu w okresie międzywojennym




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History, trade, Podlasie, Interwar period


In the years 1918-1939, trade constituted one of the main branches of economy. More people were employed in trade than in industry. The highest employment rate, however, was recorded in farming and crafts. The condition of the region depended entirely on the economic policy and the situation of the country. The trade plant network was characterized by irregular location. The majority of shops were located in not numerous towns, whereas in rural areas, which were populated by more than 80% of the inhabitants, shops were relatively rare. The sector structure showed superiority of shops, usually small or very small ones, selling foodstuffs. Another group of shops were stores selling clothes, footwear as well as materials. The interwar trade’s distinctive feature was also the nationality of shopkeepers, most of whom were Jewish.


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ZAWADZKI, A. . (2012). Handel na Południowym Podlasiu w okresie międzywojennym. Historia I Świat, 1, 111–142. https://doi.org/10.34739/his.2012.01.05

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