A systematic survey of Ardashir Palace’s Stronghold at Tol-e Khezr, Firuzabad Plain in Fars Province, Iran




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Archaeology, History, Iran, Sasanian, Fars, Firuzabad, Tol-e Khezr, Systematic Survey, Pottery


This research investigated the archaeological site of Tol-e Khezr in Firuzabad with the purpose of establishing a relative chronology. This site is among those whose pottery has been less extensively studied, and it also boasts a strategic location. Therefore, the site of Tol-e Khezr was selected for systematic sampling and investigation of its structures to ascertain its relative chronology and usage as accurately as possible. A methodical approach was chosen for the investigation of Tol-e Khezr, consisting of three steps: mapping, sampling, and documentation of the findings (including washing the pottery, registering the pottery fragments, entering the information of the findings into SPSS software, selecting the diagnostic samples, drawing the diagnostic samples, and photographing the samples). In this methodical way, 50% of all grids were sampled, with the form of every other grid. This included 30 grids of 10 x 10 meters. The number of all gathered pottery comprised 644 pieces. To interpret the pottery, we considered 12 variables for them, and the information on each piece was entered into the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) according to these variables. One of the most essential classifications relates to the typology of Tol-e Khezr pottery forms, which parallels various surveyed and excavated areas' findings in Iran and beyond. Furthermore, the survey revealed that, in addition to typical pottery, three distinct types of ceramic were identified: coarse with raised bands, glazed (alkaline), and ceramics with a dark slip coating. At this firm, architecture and its details in visible and exposed areas were documented, described, analyzed, and compared.


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2023-08-25 — zaktualizowane 2023-08-25

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ABBASNIA, H., & ASKARI CHAVERDI, A. (2023). A systematic survey of Ardashir Palace’s Stronghold at Tol-e Khezr, Firuzabad Plain in Fars Province, Iran. Historia I Świat, 12, 111–138. https://doi.org/10.34739/his.2023.12.07