Solving the abstract planning problem using genetic algorithms


  • Jarosław Skaruz
  • Artur Niewiadomski
  • Wojciech Penczek


The paper presents a new approach based on genetic algorithms to the abstract planning problem, which is the first stage of the web service composition problem. An abstract plan is defined as an equivalence class of sequences of service types that satisfy a user query. Intuitively, two sequences are equivalent if they are com-posed of the same service types, but not necessarily occurring in the same order. The objective of our genetic algorithm (GA) is to return representatives of abstract plans without generating all the equivalent sequences. The paper presents experimental re-sults compared with the results obtained from SMT-solver, which show that GA finds solutions for very large sets of service types in a reasonable time.


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Skaruz, J., Niewiadomski, A., & Penczek, W. (2019). Solving the abstract planning problem using genetic algorithms. Studia Informatica. System and Information Technology, 17(1-2), 29–48. Retrieved from