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Jan Amos Comenius
education thought
timeless ideas
education of the 21st century
modern education


John Amos Comenius' views on education do not only have a historical dimension. They belong to the valuable aspects relating to the area of education in the context of the organ-ization of schoolwork, universality of education, arranging the teacher's work with the use of methodologically important teaching principles and working methods, taking into account the intellectual and physical abilities of students. The meaning of the postulated views is humanistic, leaning towards a man and his development possibilities. At the same time, they indicate his a right for a dignified life, which results from the concept of human nature. From the sense and essence of J. A. Comenius' humanistic thinking derives the nature of his timeless ideas, whose message is still valid in the multidimensional education of the 21st century. The aim of the text is to present selected ideas of J. A. Comenius - a scholar from the 17th century, which are still relevant and can be found in contemporary education. In the text, I refer to the selected ideas. I characterize and interpret them, referring to the great works by J. A. Comenius and priority modern educational challenges.