Alojzy Konior – an outline of the comeniologist’s portrait



The traditions of Leszno comeniology reach the first half of the 19th century. Then, basing on the documents from the archives of St. John’s parish in Leszno, some authors began to describe the story of the Czech Brethren and Comenius. One of them who took up this task and deserves a special coverage is PhD Alojzy Konior. Not only is he the author and the editor of papers on the subject, but, above all, an initiator, coordinator and a popularizer of numerous events which affected the development of research on Komeński. Thanks to his activities the knowledge on Comenius and his work has a wider range.


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Szymańska, K. (2019). Alojzy Konior – an outline of the comeniologist’s portrait. Siedleckie Zeszyty Komeniologiczne Seria Pedagogika, 6, 415–420. Pobrano z