Methods to acquisition digital evidence for computer forensics


  • Marek Pilski Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities



Securing evidence material, acquisition, digital evidence, computer forensics


Computer forensics is a key science and competency in meeting the growing risks of cybercrime, as well as for criminal investigation generally. In order to provide irrefutable evidence of a potential crime, a specialist in the incident response team (e.g. an IT forensics specialist) must secure the digital evidence in accordance with the correct procedure. There are no strict guidelines on how to do this. It is known that the authenticity and fidelity of data must be preserved. This article will collect good practices developed by specialists in the field of computer forensics. The process of securing the evidence material from a digital data sources for later analysis will be presented.


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Pilski, M. (2022). Methods to acquisition digital evidence for computer forensics. Studia Informatica. System and Information Technology, 26(1), 73–84.