The Influence Of Parents’ Activities In The School And Parents’ Communication Through Social Media On Educational Management In Israeli Schools


parental involvement, educational management, social media


Greater involvement of parents and the school community in educational management decisions has brought about changes in the management of the schools. Over the past few decades, reforms to the education system in Israel have allowed for greater involvement of parents and the school community in the activities at schools. Concurrently, the growing popularity of social media has created an ease of communication between parents and their children’s educational management teams that has necessitated changes in the educational management of the school community. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of studies that examine the changing influence that parents’ involvement in the school through school activities and their communication on social media has on the role of educational management in Israeli schools. A comprehensive review of key publications was conducted to synthesize research findings about changes occurring in educational management of schools in Israel. In the educational management of a school, which enables parental involvement and accommodates parental communications on social media, cooperation and coordination between parents, educational management and the school community, is likely to contribute to maintaining the required balance between positive involvement and overzealous interference.