De Securitate et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności
Mirosław Minkina
Russia Versus the West
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Alexander Borisovich Gurkin, Konstantin Nikolaevich Skvortsov
The Image of Poland in Modern Russian Mass Media and Its Image Among Russian Students
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Aleksey Gavrlienkov
Локальные международные конфликты в условиях глобализации и современная Россия
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Leszek Pawlikowicz
The Role of Combat Aircrafts of the Air and Space Force of the Russian Federation During the First Three Weeks of Military Intervention in Syria in 2015
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Marta Sara Stempień
Nasheeds as a Part of the Jihadi Culture. The Role of Music in the Islamic State’s Propaganda
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Tadeusz Pawłuszko
Strategic Studies as a Core of Security Studies Research Programme. Genesis and Evolution
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Jacek Zieliński
As an Issue: What Determines that Citizens Feel Safe in Their Country
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Anton Vasilyev, Olga Vasilyeva
The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Robotics: The European Perspec
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Mariusz Antoni Kamiński
Intelligence and Counterintelligence in the Structure of the State Organs of the Republic of Estonia
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Andrii Razmietaiev
International Administration in Donbas: Ways of Implementation on the Basis of Experience of Peacekeeping Processes in the Balkans and in East Timor
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Agnieszka Araucz-Boruc
Preparation of Young People in Poland to Operate in Dangerous Situations as an Element of National Security System
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Aleksandra Olender
The Importance of Participation in Peacekeeping Missions for the International Position of Poland on the Example of the UNIFIL Mission
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Mateusz Lewandowski
Energy Security in the Issues of National Security
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Jacek Zieliński
Review of the monograph of Vladimir Michailowich Syrych, Krasnyj Tierror: Kanony Bibliejskije, da Ispolnienije Pliebiejskoje, Moscow 2018
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