De Securitate et Defensione. O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności
Andrzej Glen
The Subject’s Security Values
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Henryk Ćwięk
The Role of the Secret Services in Recognizing Threats to Poland’s Security. About the Effects of Intelligence Activities of the Berlin Facility "In 3"
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Maciej Marszałek
Future Wars. Outline of the Problem
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Tadeusz Józef Kęsoń
Defence and Civil Planning in Poland – Legal Conditions and Implementation Process
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Marian Kopczewski, Paweł Szmitkowski
Civil Defense in Poland – Transformation Process after 1989, Current State and Modernization Proposal
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Piotr Kolmann
From Civil Protection Issues. The Importance of Evacuation in the General Perspective
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Renata Tarasiuk
The Geocultural Conditions of Polish-Israeli Diplomatic Relations
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Aldona Maria Piwko
Muslim Terrorism in European Union. Radicalization of Religious Views Among Immigrants From Middle East
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Mariusz Sokołowski
Between Freedom and Security – The Social And Legal Consequences of Terrorist Attacks in Europe in the Early 21st Century
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Krzysztof Danielewicz
Security Situation in the Sahel Countries and the Future Development Perspective
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Leszek Pawlikowicz
Structures of the KGB in the Middle East Between 1954 and 1991. Retrospection and Its Contemporary Implications
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Dorota Domalewska, Ilona Urych
Axiological and Anthropological Aspect of National Identity: A Quantitative Study with Implications for National Security
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Izabella Grabowska-Lepczak
Education for Ecological Security and the Principles of Sustainable Development as an Element of Raising Public Awareness
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Nina Ischenko, Jacek Zieliński
Food Security – A Factor Of Geopolitical Stability and Sustainable Development of States
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Lyubov Yurievna Larina
Ensuring Transport Security by Criminal Legal Means: The Experience of Poland and Russia
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Grzegorz Kozłowski
Review of the monograph Mariusz Antoni Kamiński: Obrona narodowa Republiki Estonii [National Defense of the Republic of Estonia] Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2019.
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