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public safety system
monocentric agglomeration
polycentric agglomeration


The subject of this study is to present the concept of a model solution for the public security system of monocentric and polycentric agglomeration. Taking into account the security conditions of a large urban agglomeration, one universal scheme of police organization has been adopted. Its func-tioning on the basis of specific forms and methods to some extent limits the autonomy of police chiefs in shaping safety in accordance with the specificity and internal social and organizational conditions of the agglomeration. Among the available research methods, the participatory observation method was used in particular. Nevertheless, the basic scientific method for obtaining empirical data was a diagnostic survey. Furthermore, the article presents the opinion of police officers on the transfer of solutions from the Warsaw agglomeration to other agglomerations in Poland. The author’s conceptual proposal of a model solution for the public safety system of a large urban agglomeration was presented.

Plik PDF (Język Polski)
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