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Baltic Region
military policy
foreign policy
defense forces


The article analyzes the strategy and principles of building the national security strat-egy of the Russian Federation, considers the priorities of ensuring national security. Security doc-trines are aimed at security in the military, political, and informational environment. The article highlights the priority tasks in the field of national defense of the Russian Federation. The review analyzes the integrated security strategies of the countries of the Baltic region – Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia; analyzes the effectiveness of the doctrine of “total defense” of Estonia, the procedure and forms of its implementation. It is stated that the Baltic countries are considering various options to improve security, the concept of “total defense”, is based on the protection of the position of neu-trality, the defense policy of the countries is based on cooperation with large European and regional countries (Finland, Sweden, Poland). The article states that the military security of countries is associated with the need to deepen cooperation with NATO. The doctrine of territorial defense of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, directions of defense policy and territorial security is analyzed.

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