Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach
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sustainable development
ecological education


The article refers to the area of education for security, especially education for ecological security, ecological education. The aim of the article is to try to answer the question whether the legal and educational system in Poland in the field of ecological education is consistent and whether it works in practice. Both law and formal and informal education are determinants of human awareness in the field of ecology and environmental protection.
The article attempts to demonstrate that ecological education in the core curriculum is implemented in accordance with the principles of eco-development. The article discusses a wide spectrum of methods and tools that can be used in education for security, education for ecological security. In addition, the results of the research carried out at the request of the Ministry of the Environment and the level of awareness and ecological behavior of Polish residents were presented. The study was divided into several areas in terms of the specificity of the problem addressed: the greatest challenges for Poland and environmental problems, natural environment and its protection, air quality, waste management, climate change.
The comparative and descriptive method was used in the work, because it is the most adequate to present the topic taken. It allows an exhaustive explanation of individual issues. It also involves the possibility of drawing specific conclusions and standardizing the text.

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