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educational space
Vladimir Sergeyevich Pecherin
classical tradition
antique tradition
Altes Museum
The Berlin Athlete
Playing knucklebones
John Henry Newman


The article presents the reflection of the antique tradition in the memoirs of the Russian emigrant of the nineteenth century V.S. Pecherin. Written in epistolary form these memoirs are confessional in their character and one can traced a strong classical influence, formed by his education. Particular attention is given to Berlin as educational space, where V.S. Pecherin studied at the university and regularly visited the Altes Museum. There is a close relationship between the influence of Ancient Greek art V.S. Pecherin saw in the museum and his cultural and aesthetic views presented in his memoirs. According to the author, V.S. Pecherin presented himself as the second Xenophon wandering around Europe and expelled from his homeland in absentia. The title of the memoir Apologia pro vita mea, probably, has as its prototype both the Socratic tradition and the Christian tradition, especially expressed in the title of the work Apologia pro vita sua by John Henry Newman.

PDF (Русский)