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The article is an attempt of a general view on accomplishments of onomasctics in the range of theoretical decription of functions of proper names. In this matter, apart from the generally accepted statement about the priority of the identificative function or identificational-differentiational there is no compatibility. Another thing that is lacking, up to now, is a attempt of widely known, total description of the matter of functions of names. This article presents chosen researches dedicated to this subject.
The following researches were presented: J. Karpenko O funkcjach nazw własnych (he distinguishes the main function of proper names and secondary functions: informative and emotional, which may appear in the active or passive
form.), D. L. F. Nilsen Names: Some Subsidary Functions (the author does not present descriptions of the functions in their specific meaning as such, but rather gives various
examples of using he names in the function other than identification), M. Knappova Ku funkcyjnej analizie nazw własnych (conclsions of the Prague Linguistic Circle, using widely known settlement of R. Jakobson), K. Ziliacus On the Function of Proper Names (apart from the identification there is also some kind of „openness” or even „productiveness” which allows creating new identification descriptions on the basis of already existing names), J. M. Caroll Toward a functional theory of names and naming (theoretical thoughts upon the matter of meaning of names, the presentation of functions, conclusion: the names are multifunction signs, not without meaning), R. Šrámek Wprowadzenie do ogólnej onomastyki (the differentiation of the function of naming and detailed functions, which result from categorical meaning of names: rivers, people, towns etc.), V. Blanár Teoria nazw własnych (review of the attitudes of other scientists, he inclines towards the attitude of Šrámek.